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The shutters of choose and buy how to see the quality?

In order to provide the shutters of choose and buy method:


1, color - the whole curtain including blade and all accessories (ladder with stick, rope) and turn on the bar gadgets such as keep the same color, the production process has been confirmed.

2, smoothness, feel the smoothness of blade and wire frame with the hand, good quality products should be smooth level off, smooth edges, no hand thorn prick the hand feeling.

3, opening and closing functions - turn turn open the blade bar, good product quality among various blade should keep good levelness, there is the distance between the blade, the blade to keep straight, no bending of up and down. When closed blade, the blade should match each other, no light-leaking gap.

4, resistance to deformation degree, on the blade, usable hand press hard blade, make the stress under the blade bending, and then let go quickly, such as the horizontal blade quickly resume, no bending phenomenon appears, is qualified.

5, automatic locking function, when the leaves all closed, pull the cord, and can be rolled up leaves. When pulled to the right guy, blade should be automatic locking, maintain good conditions of the corresponding rolled up, continue to roll, neither loose nor decline. Otherwise, the curtain locking function have a problem.


The shutters of the blade is an important part of regulating shutters. When the choose and buy the blinds, it is best to touch the shutter blade is smooth, uniform, might see if each blade burrs. In general, the quality of the shutter in the details of the blade has good processing, especially in plastic, wood, bamboo production shutter blades, if the quality is better, so it will be a long service life.


Turn bar is also a need to focus on part of the shutters. Turn good function of shutter is adjusting the Angle of the blade, turn to turn bar to see if the blades turn over flexible, such as blade can't free rotation is the ohm there is a problem needs to be repaired.


Function is to control the lifting of the curtain rope, try to shutter blades turned onto a horizontal position, then try to pull the curtain lifting whether smooth, pull the rope to see if can lock to the right. If you can't lock is slide has a problem.

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