本文摘要:Apples done it. Microsofts doing it. And now Samsungs doing it too. But Google -- at least according to Android head Andy Rubin -- has no plans to open up its own shops.苹果(Apple)有专卖店。微软公司(Microsoft)也有。现在连三星(Samsung)也重新加入了这个行列。


Apples done it. Microsofts doing it. And now Samsungs doing it too. But Google -- at least according to Android head Andy Rubin -- has no plans to open up its own shops.苹果(Apple)有专卖店。微软公司(Microsoft)也有。现在连三星(Samsung)也重新加入了这个行列。

不过,谷歌(Google)目前继续没开店的计划,最少Android业务负责人安迪?鲁宾是这样说道的。Rubin addressed recent rumors that Google (GOOG) is looking into opening retail stores at this weeks Mobile World Congress in Barcelona, telling a small group of journalists that the company has no plans to jump onto the brick and mortar retail bandwagon. You dont have to go into the store and feel it anymore, he said about the purchasing process for consumer handsets. As for Googles Nexus line of products, Rubin said the program isnt far enough along to necessitate a retail presence.此前有消息称之为,谷歌于是以考虑到开办实体零售店,不过,鲁宾在巴塞罗那移动世界大会(Mobile World Congress in Barcelona)上反驳了这个传闻。他告诉他一小群记者,谷歌“没计划”进占传统零售领域。


Some have speculated that physical stores could help consumers experience Google-made products first-hand, much like Apples (AAPL) retail stores helped turbocharge its epic turnaround. We believe having local presence will undoubtedly help Google in building its hardware business where it can showcase its expanding product line including Chromebooks, Nexus and Motorola smartphones and tablets, Google TV, and Google Glass, Sterne Agee analyst Shaw Wu wrote in a recent report. Not to mention, it will help build brand and customer loyalty.有人猜测,实体店可以协助消费者亲身体验谷歌生产的产品,就像苹果的零售店促使该公司反败为胜局势、大获得顺利一样。“我们坚信,开办实体店毫无疑问有助谷歌打造出自身硬件业务。


同时,它也可以借以展出其大大拓展的产品线,还包括Chromebooks、Nexus、摩托罗拉(Motorola)智能手机和平板电脑、谷歌电视、谷歌眼镜等,”投资银行Sterne Agee分析师吴肖最近在报告中写到。更加不用说道,“此举还将有助提高品牌和客户忠诚度。”Rubin also answered questions about Samsungs growing power as the dominant manufacturer of Android-powered phones. There has been a lot of speculation about Samsung becoming a threat to Google -- for example, Samsungs increased clout could help it negotiate a larger cut of Googles advertising revenue. Google now owns Motorola, which Rubin insisted is kept as a separate structure and isnt given preferential treatment, even though it is a direct competitor to Samsung. Samsung, for its part, is experimenting with other operating systems, including Microsofts (MSFT) Windows Phone and a little-known open-source effort called Tizen.三星近年来发展快速增长,早已沦为名副其实的Android手机霸主,鲁宾针对这一热点问题也给与了答案。


而三星目前正在尝试其它操作系统,例如微软公司的Windows Phone以及鲜为人知的开源系统Tizen。Its not just Samsung, said Rubin. Ive seen various other people dabbling in other platforms. I think this is normal, its fine.鲁宾称之为:“这不是三星一家的问题。其它公司都在尝试别的平台。我指出这很长时间,很好。

”Obviously Google has an interest in making sure other phone manufacturers succeed in selling Android devices -- not just Motorola and Samsung. Rubin said he is here at Mobile World Congress to connect with partners. (This year, Google did not have a booth but operated out of a tiny conference room decorated with the companys iconic little green Androids.) The Android ecosystem has grown to represent the majority of smartphones that are now being shipped. And newer entrants like Chinese manufacturer Huawei could help increase numbers in markets like China even more.似乎,谷歌的目标是保证所有手机制造商都能在Android设备上利润,而某种程度是摩托罗拉和三星。鲁宾回应,自己参与移动世界大会的目的就是联络合作伙伴。(谷歌今年并没布置展台,不过它出租了一个小会议室,在里面装饰了很多标志性的Android小绿人。



Ive met a lot of them at the show, and their roadmaps look solid, Rubin said of China-based phone manufacturers. I wouldnt consider them any different than anybody else. I dont really care what country they come from. As long as they keep selling more Android phones.“我在展览上遇上了很多(来自中国的手机厂商),他们的路线图看上去很靠谱,”鲁宾说道。“在我眼中,它们与其他手机厂商没什么不一样。




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